3 Viral Food Trends You Need To Try

In the world of social media and the ability for just about anything to go viral online, it can be hard to choose which food trends are worth trying. Last year was full of banana bread, Dalgona coffee, and of course, pancake cereal. So, you may be wondering which recipes are trending so far in 2021 – luckily, we have it covered. Take a look at three of our favorite current viral food trends and how you can make them with your Thermomix! 


Baked Feta Pasta


PC: Hello, YUMMY

This Baked Feta Pasta is currently taking the world by storm, all thanks to TikTok. Wondering what it is? It’s super simple – and delicious! All you need is feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, pasta, garlic, and basil. The trend comes from a Greek appetizer called Baked Feta.

Even better, Thermomix can help elevate this recipe! You can make your own homemade pasta and use the kettle mode to boil your pasta while you prepare the feta! While your pasta is cooking, toss the tomatoes with olive oil in a baking dish and place the block of feta in the middle. Bake in the oven until the feta is melting and the tomatoes begin to burst open. 

Yes, it really is that simple! The recipe takes less than an hour and its creamy, delicious flavor will fill your belly with happiness. Have you tested this recipe yet? Let us know what you think! 


Birria Tacos



Another viral food trend, originating from TikTok is Birria Tacos. Curious as to what birria is? It’s a Mexican stew that is often prepared with goat meat and cooked for hours and hours. Traditionally, it is served as taco filling and served with Consomé, a delicious red broth to dip your taco in!

It’s delicious and full of flavor…and you can find it on Cookidoo! With the traditional dish now gaining national attention, many restaurants are now adding it to their menu and taking their own spin on it. How will you be preparing it?


Ultimate Quesadilla

PC: Real Simple


If you thought you knew how to properly prepare a tortilla…think again. Thanks to another viral food trend on you guessed it, TikTok, the internet is relearning how to take tortilla wraps to the next level. The first step is giving your tortilla the perfect amount of crispiness. How can you achieve this?

First, take a look at Cookidoo and create your own Flour Tortilla. Once they are done, pop one into the toaster until it puffs up. Then, cut it open and fill it with your favorite ingredients. Find your favorite taco fillings on Cookidoo…there are endless options! 

And voila, you’ve learned how to level up your tortilla skills! 


Cook With Us


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