5 Easy-To-Prepare Seafood Recipes Perfect For Summer

by Gennefer Gross

Summer is here and that means two things: seafood and dining al fresco. There’s something so relaxing about enjoying a light and flavorful dish under the sun or in a balmy evening breeze. It feels like you’re on vacation in your own backyard. Seafood captures that fresh-caught salt air in every plush and flaky bite, and doesn’t leave you feeling overly full. That means you can frolic with reckless abandon, which you’ll have plenty of time to do, since these dishes are short on time, but big on taste.

Steamed Scallops with Sweet Pea Purée

People think that lobster is the filet mignon of the ocean, but one bite into a soft and delicate steamed scallop might change your mind. Silky sweet pockets of the sea, scallops are luxurious members of the shellfish family with an unparalleled flavor all their own—especially when paired with pea purée like in this recipe. Velvety sweat peas with hints of fresh thyme and rich cream will transport every plump pocket of briny nectar into your mouth. Get ready to set sail for seafood nirvana!

Green Tea Salmon with Asian Slaw

Salmon is officially in season! That means no more frozen salmon dinners for the next two months, making this the perfect dish to eat fresh and healthy.

Packed with nutrients and a mellow yet versatile flavor profile, you can prepare its mild meat in many ways. Steaming it with Green Tea, ginger and honey is a great option that steeps this sea-faring filet in an explosion of Asian spices, combined with juicy fresh fruits like orange and apple to round out its syrupy reduction. Placed atop a bed of slaw, the crunch of crisp cabbage complements this freshwater feast perfectly to create a trio of tantalizing textures.

Steamed Mahi Mahi and Mixed Vegetable Parcels

Mahi Mahi is one of those fish that’s flaky and moist no matter how you prepare it, but even more so when it’s steamed in parchment parcels in this simple summertime recipe. Juices from fresh vegetables like candied carrots, tangy turnips, and crisp zucchini delicately infuse the meat without overpowering it.  This creates a comforting yet subtle sauce that is earthy and warm. Pair it with lemon-parsley drizzled potatoes, and enjoy this sunny  dish at golden hour.

Fish Tacos

It’s not summer without fish tacos. These lime-marinated maritime morsels, topped with creamy honey yogurt and the kick of jalapeño are like ocean breezes and long walks on the beach in bite-size form. Swaddled in soft flour tortillas, this foolproof recipe will bring Baja flavors to your backyard.

Cod with Citrus Butter

Cod is a mild fish, which makes it ideal for coating it in robust sauces like this citrus butter recipe, which imparts a sweet yet tangy zip without being too heavy. Each lean layer is infused with juicy lemon and vibrant bursts of orange with a pop of anise that will make you feel like you’re coasting along the Caribbean.

So, start planning your seafood menu and enjoy all of these scintillating summer flavors without breaking a sweat. Go on, you’ve earned it.

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