7 Epic Thanksgiving Fails (And How To Avoid Them)

by Gennefer Gross


The holidays are upon us, and that means anything that can go wrong will — especially if you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner. To bring a little levity to the inevitable, here are seven absolutely hilarious epic fails and some common sense ways to avoid them.

1. Set up a workstation.

To keep mishaps to a minimum, it’s always a good idea to set up a workstation for peeling, cutting, and whatever else you need to do to prep your dishes. This will keep it all safe from kids running around and knocking things over, grabbing the wrong ingredient, or in this case, far away from low-hanging light fixtures. You should also be sure not to wield your knives like you’re auditioning for Game of Thrones.

2. Buddy up.

Let’s be real here: turkeys are heavy. Add in stuffing, gravy and other accoutrements, and you’ve got a champion heavyweight poultry pumping iron in your oven. So don’t try to go it alone when the timer rings. Grab a buddy to help balance that behemoth bird, and transport it safely to the above workstation for carving. And if possible, steer clear of store-bought foil pans in favor of a more durable stainless steel or ceramic roaster.

3. Eliminate container danger.

When it comes to side dishes using the right container is key. It’s always tempting to reach for a tupperware bowl for ease of clean up and storage later. But a variety of factors make this a slippery slope (no pun intended), such as this poor woman whose flimsy plastic container couldn’t stand up to a helping of cranberries. Be sure that your serving dishes are sturdy enough to support their contents, and always take care when carting items to the table.

4. Leave no temptations.

If kids will be your attending your Thanksgiving, anything and everything can be a temptation—especially a tablecloth. To prevent turning your table into an amateur magic show, opt for a simple runner, individual placemats, and trivets to safely uphold your perfectly prepared feast.

5. Use the right method for your meal.

While the original settlers may have used outdoor cooking techniques to prepare their inaugural turkey, it’s always a good idea to steer clear of methods you may not be familiar with on the big day. You need to consider timing, temperature, seasoning, and other critical elements when you cook. And a vat of fire definitely won’t give you the control you need! If this is first Thanksgiving you’ve ever hosted you may want to consider doing a dry run the week before, or surrounding yourself with knowledgeable ‘sous chefs’ who can assist you.

6. When you can, skip the can.

Supplementing dishes with store-bought items is a great time saver, but certain plates are better prepared fresh. Instead of reaching for canned cranberry, you can pick up fresh cranberries at the grocery store or your local Farmer’s Market. Just add sugar, orange or lemon zest, and some water, and you can simmer it over low heat until the sugar dissolves, while you cook the rest of your meal. The extra 10 minutes to heat will make a big difference with your guests. And if you have a Thermomix® this spicy orange cranberry relish is wow-worthy without the work.

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