7 High-Tech, Low-Tech, & No Tech Shortcuts To Pull Off A #NoFailThanksgiving

by Gennefer Gross


In our last #NoFailThanksgiving post, we armed you with tips for saving time in the kitchen, but that’s not the only place you can experience a hassle-free holiday. Use our handy shortcuts to coast your way through this year’s festivities, and turn a typically stressful event into smooth sailing.

1. Do you feel lucky?

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2. Who’s coming to dinner?

A few weeks in advance, sit down and write out your guest list. With all you have to do, it’s easy to forget that your cousin’s bringing a date or that your uncle’s in town. Not to mention keeping track of everyone’s kids! Consider creating a spreadsheet in Google Docs you can share with your Mom, or other family member ‘in the know,’ so you have an accurate headcount before the big day. By confirming who’s attending, you’ll ensure that you have enough seating for dinner and save yourself those dreaded last-minute grocery store runs!

3. Is there an app for that?

Remember when technology took over and it seemed like there was an app for just about everything? Well, now, there really is, and it extends far beyond the wide world of games and social networks to your local supermarket. Apps like InstaCart, Amazon PrimeNow, and FreshDirect take away the dreaded chore of holiday shopping and traffic, and turn it into a few clicks you can do from the comfort of your own home. Relax as you scroll through items with ease and fill your cart with whatever essentials you need that can be delivered right to your door. No battling fellow shoppers for that last box of stuffing on a scattered shelf, or standing in endless lines like you’re stocking up for the apocalypse. These digital tools offer downloadable peace of mind, so you can save the stepping out for that after Thanksgiving shoe sale!

4. Are you being served?

By far, the best shortcut for alleviating Thanksgiving Day stress is to set the table a few days early. Take out all the platters, serving bowls, utensils and linens that you’ll need and label them with post-its for their respective dishes such as mashed potatoes, stuffing, and so on. This will help keep you organized (and calm!) the last few minutes before serving everything when nerves are at an all-time high. It also makes things easier for your kitchen helpers, and prevents last-minute searches for the right bowl or serving tray. Plus, it’s nice to wake up to a beautifully laid out table on Thanksgiving morning to start you off on the right foot. Even if you’ve still got a frozen turkey and appetizers to prepare, you’ll already feel a sense of accomplishment. So go ahead and pat yourself on the back. You’re doing great!

5. Do you really need that decorative cornucopia?

Pinterest has tricked us into thinking anything is possible with a set of stencils, a glue gun and some artificial flowers from the local craft store. While those festive pins are inspiring to look at, the reality is that these types of DIY projects are often very time-consuming and costly. You end up spending more than they’re worth, and suddenly everything’s covered in webs of dried glue. Instead, opt for working practical Fall elements into your décor like apple-scented candles or wicker baskets that you can fill with blankets. That way, your guests can cozy up with on the couch when the tryptophan kicks in! And no one will judge you for tossing a gourd or two on the table. Boom. Instant Fall.

6. Would you like a drink?

No matter how big your house is, inevitably, everyone always congregates in the kitchen, which can make it difficult to maneuver when you’re cooking an entire meal. So consider setting up a drink station to lure guests out of the crowded kitchen and over to your makeshift bar. You can use a sideboard table, bar cart, or any sturdy surface that can be set up away from the action. Stock it with a variety of drink options like a pre-made pitcher of sangria or other cocktail, bottles of wine (which you can have your guests bring to free yourself up from that task), ice bucket, bottle opener, and any other tools to make it easy for them to serve themselves. Bottom’s up!

7. Are the kids alright?

While most of your guests can find solace in a football game, the Macy’s parade, or family chatter to pass the time till the turkey hits the table, your younger guests may not be so easily entertained. You don’t want them venturing off where they can get into trouble or knocking down a precious heirloom. And you definitely don’t want them milling around the kitchen with a million questions, surrounded by hot stoves and sharp knives. So, set up a kids-only space for the little ones with coloring books, toys, and board games that will keep them busy. If there are some teens among them, be sure to keep a phone charger nearby, and they’ll be occupied till dinner is served!

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