The Biggest Food Trends Of 2018

by Bernadette Machard de Garmont


As 2018 comes to a close, we’re taking a look back to reflect on four ways that food has shaped our lives this year and how Thermomix® fits into the ever-evolving culinary landscape.

A Foodie Is Born

If you have a favorite celebrity chef  like our Chef Partner Tom Hollingsworthfollow multiple food accounts on Instagram or YouTube, or indulge in a little culinary television, you’re probably a “foodie,” and you’re not alone. More than ever, food media has inspired people to cook at home, as well as experiment with new and unusual ingredients. From baking bread to mixing up homemade marinades, food lovers are quickly teaching themselves how to recreate the foods they’ve seen on restaurant menus and on screen.

Playing with exotic ingredients and flavors is part of the fun. You may catch hardcore gastronomes, while dabbling with truffles, imported cheeses, foraged herbs or obscure spices. And if you’re not perfectly confident in your ability to master a dish, cooking with the Thermomix® ensures you get it right every single time, which means you won’t end up wasting ingredients or efforts.

Understanding That Health is Wealth

Green smoothies, medicinal Mushrooms, avocado oil—are these foods on your radar? If they are, it’s because this year has seen a rise in the attention paid toward nutrition and its role in wellness. From the proliferation of superfood products to a shift toward whole foods with lower salt, MSG, and sugar, functional foods (foods with a purpose) are here to stay. More people are looking closely at what exactly goes into their food, and often times, opting to make healthier versions of their favorite things at home, in order to avoid artificial additives, preservatives, and the like.

Thermomix® along with its online recipe portal, Cookidoo®, allows users to have full control over their diets at any life stage. New parents can cook their own organic baby food with confidence. Athletes can create protein-packed smoothies for a meal replacement or workout recovery (and at a fraction of the cost of what you’d purchase at a trendy smoothie shop). And making nutritious meals like fish and vegetables, collagen-rich bone broth, or heart-healthy oatmeal becomes effortless.

Helping International (Food) Relations

Asian cuisine has been hot in the food scene for some time now, thanks to advocates like Danny Bowien of Mission Chinese Food, David Chang of Momofuku, Roy Choi of Kogi, and even the late Anthony Bourdain, who often showcased street food as part of his travels throughout Asia. Inspiration has proven to be a two-way street, and a recent survey has found that chefs and home cooks in China have begun to explore Western foods and crossing them with Chinese ingredients and sauces.

It can be risky, but the result is often something unique and surprisingly satisfying, like Chicken Tikka Masala on noodles or Kung Pao pizza. The Thermomix® is a perfect vehicle to explore culinary fusion, as it lets you add your own twist to authentic recipes that have been created and tested by developers from around the world. If you’re inspired to add sriracha and sesame oil to your version of Bolognese or Korean gojuchang to Tinga de Pollo, we say, go for it. It might be the next ramen burger!

Disconnect To Connect Over A Meal

Technology allows us to be connected no matter where we are. But the fact is, we actually spend less time face-to-face with other people. We’re also busier than we’ve ever been, so it’s not unusual to scarf down breakfast in the car or wolf down lunch while working at the computer.  Much of modern culture leaves us rushed and stressed, with more people having to schedule time to “disconnect,” in order to mentally and emotionally reset themselves. One of the easiest places to unplug is at the dining table.

Let your Thermomix® do the multi-tasking for you, and use it to cook up quick and stress-free meals like this Thai Chicken Curry, which you can enjoy, while sitting at a dinner table. Whether you’re hosting friends or simply taking the time to eat as a family, eating together helps you connect and share your life with others—a much more fulfilling way to interact than via social media or instant messenger.

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