Where to Celebrate National Farmers Market Week

by Melissa Corbin 


Who doesn’t like a tomato freshly plucked from its vine? There’s something poetic about the early morning dew glistening in the sun kissed fields full of food.

Yet, Americans spend more time in the supermarket under those bright fluorescent lights than at their local farmers market. According to the Farmers Market Coalition, farmers and ranchers receive only 15 cents of every food dollar that consumers spend at traditional food outlets. At a farmers market, 100% of your food dollar goes to your local farmer. By shopping at your local farmers market, not only are you contributing to your farmers’ bottom line, but you’re also pumping money back into the local economy. In fact, upwards of 90 cents on every dollar stays at the local level.

The first week of August is a time to shake the hand that feeds you during National Farmers Market Week. To celebrate, we’ve put together a guide of the most robust Farmers Market scenes across the US. And check back on Wednesday for a shopping list and tips to help you navigate the late-summer produce bounty.

Shop Like a Local: Thermomix® Farmers Market Guide

1. Los Angeles- The Original Farmers Market 6333 W 3rd Street  Los Angeles, CA

A local food hub for more than 80 years, this icon operates like a community with fresh produce vendors, butchers, cheesemongers, bakers, restaurateurs and other foodie haunts. Open seven days a week, just beyond CBS television studios, the market is a huge tourist attraction. Actually, there are more than 800 farmers markets across the count, and CBS has the scoop on some of their favorites. Click here for details.

2. San Francisco- Heart of the City Farmers Market United Nations Plaza San Francisco, CA

San Francisco’s only independent, farmer-owned and operated farmers market open since 1981, this market is open year-round Wednesdays and Sundays with a mission to sustain small farmers and make fresh food accessible for every human being, no matter what the circumstance. These fine farmers distribute more than $1million annually in food assistance to food-insecure people. Due to their long hours, you may want to get there at opening (7:00am) to pick from the cream of the crop. Farmers markets pop up in every SF neighborhood daily. It’s hard to keep up with them all. Check out Time Out San Francisco’s updated Top 10 List.

3. New York City- Greenmarket NYC multiple locations

New York City is the largest city in the United States, with well over 8 million people calling the island home. Now, that’s a lot of mouths to feed, and the farmers are doing their best to keep up. That’s where Greenmarket comes in handy. The organization is a one-stop-shop kind of resource, educating NYC citizens where the farmers markets are daily. But this well-oiled machine doesn’t stop there. It’s non-profit outreach also includes programs, which teach recycling, gardening, and cooking classes, along with a multitude of other educational resources for all walks of life.

4. Chicago- Green City Market  three locations

Chef and author, Abby Mandel, came home after her travels back in 1998 with a vision. She wanted to emulate the European traditions of respectfully savoring the terroir of the land. So she started the nation’s first farmers market in the country to require all of its farmers to be certified by a nationally recognized third party agency. Grand Dame Alice Waters calls this year-round market, “the best sustainable market in the country.’ More than 175,000 annual visitors agree. With three locations, one of which is The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, Chicago puts their money where their mouth is…literally.

5. D.C.- Palisades Farmers Market 48th Place and Washington Blvd. NW Washington, D.C.

If you’re motivated to be part of change, there’s no better town to be than the nation’s capital. Plugging into your community is undoubtedly the best first step. Palisades Farmers Market is not only a year-round neighborhood farmers market each Sunday, but they’re civic minded, too. They invite you to step up and be heard at the“Neighbor’s Corner” where area interest groups will point you in the right direction. D.C. actually has more than 200 markets. The Washingtonian published this 2018 list of the most current openings. 

6. Jersey City- Riverview Farmers Market  Riverview Fisk Park Jersey City, NJ

Run by the Farms in the Heights non-profit community group, this farmers market is an every Sunday through Thanksgiving weekend occasion. Because the market is held at Riverview Park, you’ll want to make an afternoon of it with live music, yoga and other park activities. New Jersey isn’t called “The Garden State” for nothing. Here’s a list of some other Jersey City farmers markets. 

7. Miami-  Pinecrest Gardens Farmers Market 11000 Red Road Pinecrest, FL

Voted “Best Farmer’s Market in Miami” by the Miami New Times twice, this market is a destination. Under the banyan trees of South Florida’s Cultural Arts Park each Sunday, Miami area producers offer the best in organic food and other wares. From homemade guacamole to exotic fruits, you’ll channel your best Gloria Estefan and dance the Conga. If the rhythm truly gets you, maybe some of these other Miami farmers markets are in order.

8. Denver- Colorado Fresh Markets multiple locations

Colorado Biz Magazine calls this group “the Cadillac of farmers markets” for good reason. Co-founded by Chris and Michele Burke, you can trust their advice on where to get to know where your food comes from all across Colorado. One of the best and the largest in the “Mile High City,” Cherry Creek Fresh Market is at the corner of East 1st Street and University Blvd. This Denver market is in its 21st season, showcasing the best of the Rocky Mountain region. Check out the Burke’s site for a complete listing of Colorado farmers markets.

9. Houston- Rice University Farmers Market  5600 Greenbriar Dr Houston, TX

It may not be Houston’s largest market, but education and farmers markets are like peas and carrots. That’s why you should check out the rain or shine Tuesday market happening on the campus one of America’s top-tier universities. Not feeling collegiate? Houstonia will point you to a farmers market to suit your needs in the largest city in Texas. 

10. Dallas- Dallas Farmers Market  920 South Harwood Dallas, TX

Since 1941, North Texans have revered this place as a name to trust. Open seven days a week, the market hosts all sorts of events, dining and even housing. Come over the weekend and visit  The Shed, an open-air pavilion showcasing farmers with seasonal produce, ranchers with naturally raised meats, cheese, eggs and honey, along with an array of food artisans. The Dallas Observer is a great resource for other markets in the area. 

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