Celebrity-Inspired Kitchens You Can Mimic At Home

by Gennefer Gross

When it comes to fashion and beauty, celebrity-inspired looks lead the way. They also inspire popular home décor trends, especially when it comes to the kitchen. And let’s be honest, the kitchen is the heart of the home (whether you cook or not) and the place where everyone congregates. So it’s important to make this area  warm, inviting and stylish.

These gorgeous rooms below deliver on all three. With a little ingenuity, you won’t need a movie star salary to incorporate their marquee elements into your own kitchen.

George & Amal Clooney: Personality Rules

George and Amal Clooney only have one rule when it comes to their kitchen – that it reflects their personalities, and theirs perfectly encapsulates this regal duo. A mix of cozy and traditional, luxurious drapes (undoubtedly Amal) frame the French doors while an unassuming clock on the wall (underscoring Amal’s simple elegance), retro canary yellow stove (definitely George – it’s like his big, twinkly grin in appliance form), and a kitschy framed poster of JAMAICA RUN (some of George’s quirkiness shining through) draw you into an exquisitely posh room that still somehow feels approachable.

How To Mimic This Style At Home: The Clooney kitchen is a prime example of decorating for you – not the trends. So, to capture this essence in your own home, take a quick view of your space, and the first thing that stands out to you that you don’t like, replace it with something that makes you smile. The most important part of home décor is living in it, and you want to spend your time in rooms you feel happy in. Maybe you cringe whenever you see the dishes your in-laws gave you, or have always hated the painting above the dining table. Whatever it is, seek out pieces that are uniquely you – or your significant other and toss the rest (except maybe just hide the china your mother-in-law gave you till the next time she visits!). Then, blend them all together because as the Clooneys showed us, the rules are that there are no rules, only styles that are right for you. And when your space reflects who you are, your friends and family will always feel comfortable in it.

Whitney Port: California Cool

Reality star turned fashion designer, Whitney Port’s kitchen mirrors her millennial personality – cool, approachable, and unmistakably California. Bright, clean lines make it feel sunny and airy, and she opted for light wood cabinets and neutral marble countertops to open up the space. The result is a relaxing oasis, and when you add in touches like a golden pineapple or a wooden bowl of fresh watermelon, it’s like you’re on vacation all year-round.

How To Mimic This Style At Home: You don’t need to completely overhaul your kitchen to infuse these details into your own home. If you have dark cabinets, consider painting them a lighter color, which is an easy way to transform them and a far less expensive alternative than redoing them completely. It’s also a fun project for the family that will instantly make the room feel bigger and brighter. The Kitchn and HGTV have handy DIY guides. If you don’t want to engage in that big of an undertaking, you can buy marble trivets or cutting board to pepper across your countertops to add brightness and depth (plus, they’re functional, too!), and sprinkle in dashes of distinctly California elements like ocean wall art to give the illusion of a beach view, palm tree candlesticks, or a vase filled with vibrant greens or potted palm leaves so you can feel like you’re stepping into the SoCal sun every time you have a bowl of cereal.

Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas: Baroquely Yours

When you think about Catherine Zeta-Jones, raven locks and a European flair immediately come to mind, so it’s no surprise that her and Michael Douglas’s kitchen is the picture of designer decadence. With deep mahogany cabinetry and sleek black surfaces against a checkered floor, it’s art deco meets artistry, punctuated by ornate detailing that spans centuries from Speakeasy prohibition to the roaring Renaissance. It’s all at once palatial and provincial, giving you old world charm with a modern touch.

How To Mimic This Style At Home: You don’t need Chicago money to add ‘all that jazz’ to your own home. Catherine’s design is a smooth melody with big crescendos like opulent pillars on a contemporary island, so your kitchen can be center stage for a host of elaborate additions like these luxurious votive holders, a bronze chandelier that blends pre-prohibition personality with baroque charm, or regal retro lighting with King’s court character. Or, consider adding a sophisticated serving tray with intricate details that mirror the refined dark wood with a timeless touch to serve coffee or display fresh fruits.  And lavish flowers like lilies or orchids, housed in a gilded vase add soft sensibility and hint of color to the room. Whatever plush perk you choose to add, you can go baroque without going broke.

Hillary Duff: Eclectic Dreams

The former face of Lizzie McGuire and current star of Younger, Hillary Duff is no stranger to the glitz and glam of Hollywood life, but when it comes to her kitchen, she decided to give it a more rustic vibe with cheery blue custom cabinets, reminiscent of the French countryside, a bold mosaic backsplash and dining counter accent, and earthy natural wood floors. The result feels fresh, lively and warm, beckoning you with vivid patterns and breezy pops of color.

How To Mimic This Style At Home: Like with Whitney Port’s kitchen, you could always paint your cabinets a vibrant hue to match this cheery blue, or consider multiple shades because Hillary’s given you carte blanche when it comes to mixing colors and textures. The key to mirroring this look is to incorporate a diverse range of styles that contrast one another to bring each element to life in its own unique way. But cabinetry isn’t your only option for upping the vibrancy factor. Rather than redoing your floors, why not add a mosaic area rug with colorful patterns or an exotic print. Or, fun mosaic tiles or coasters for a wop of whimsy flanked across your countertops or as a vivid wall accent.  You can even simulate an ornate backsplash on a budget with tile stickers. And don’t forget the greenery with plants that always bridge that gap between homey and picturesque.

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