At Home With: Patricia Schneider

by Bernadette Machard de Garmont


Patricia Schneider is a producer, writer, actor, and working mom of two. She manages to pack in a busy day of taking care of her family while balancing writing duties for Real Rob, the comedy series based on the life and career of her husband, Rob Schneider. Patricia has always loved to cook, but has taken a serious liking to the ease and convenience of using the Thermomix® in her everyday life.  A quick peek at her Instagram page shows her making everything from Bolognese sauce to cantaloupe sorbet without breaking a sweat. Learn how Thermomix® has become a big part of the Schneider family routine below!

On Her Typical Day:

We’re not shooting [the show] right now, so when the kids are out of school, I’m a full-time mom. We wake up around 8:30am, eat breakfast as a family, and then the craziness begins. I do cook every day. It’s part of our daily habit of having our meals together. In the afternoon, if my two-year-old is napping I can cook with the Thermomix®, while I’m writing and have dinner ready. I’ll set the machine and it does everything on its own. After they go to bed I get a chance to work. I do my writing at night, and can also take time to plan out what I’m going to cook the next day.  

On Her Kitchen Skills:

I’ve always liked to cook. I even have a pastry chef certification. Before, I used to only cook Mexican food, but since using the Thermomix® I’ve been trying new recipes, like vegetable paella and lasagna. I use it at least three times a day. I even have an extra mixing bowl, so I can use one for sweets and one for regular food. I made coconut macaroons for the first time and a Nutella cake. My older daughter loves baking with me. We baked a cake together. She loves helping. We’ve also made the strawberry shortcake a few times now. I made it for Father’s Day!

On Her Favorite Thermomix® Function:

 It’s hard to choose! I really like using the butterfly whisk. I really also like the scale. It’s super convenient, but the one I use the most is the blender because it’s a really good blender. Now I don’t even use my Vitamix.

On What Her Family Eats:

Eating is a big deal in our house! We are very into healthy, organic products, and there’s a grocery store near us that we love. We shop there almost every day. We eat fish once a week, chicken once a week, and red meat once a week. And we try to eat a lot of vegetables. The Thermomix® is great to steam vegetables, and if I have some produce that I need to use up I can use it to make vegetable stock. Mushroom risotto is a huge hit with the kids. The girls eat what we eat, so it’s great that I don’t have to make special food for them anymore.

How Thermomix® Has Changed Her Life:

I don’t think I’m a good planner. Before Thermomix® I never planned (meals), and would have to figure it out in the moment. Now I can look at recipes online and email myself a shopping list. I have more time to spend with the kids. Before, I would spend so much time keeping an eye on (the stove). Now I don’t have to be concerned something is going to burn if I’m not looking at it. I can sit down and play with the kids and read. I don’t have to be right next to the burners.

On Getting Her Husband In On The Action:

He can cook. He has a few solid dishes up his sleeve, but I’m trying to teach Rob to use it too. I told him it’s so easy, you just have to know how to read. He’ll be hooked!

On What She Tells Her Friends About The Thermomix®:

You have to get one. It’s going to save you money because you’re not going to waste food. You don’t waste gas having something on the stove for a long time, and you save time. It’s really a life-changing device. Everyone should have one. Do yourself a favor!

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