5 Sustainable Recipes You Can Make With Your TM6®

Each day, in the United States, there is approximately one pound of food thrown away, per person. On average, that is nearly 40 percent of the food that is wasted each year. Want to help make a positive impact? Sustainability in the kitchen is a great place to start. You will reduce your carbon footprint and additionally, eat even more delicious food and save money! Check out our new collection, "No Waste Sustainability," exclusively on Cookidoo® to get inspired.


Almond Pulp Galette with Tomatoes


Remember that delicious Almond Milk we made recently? Now, you can use that leftover almond pulp for something equally as delicious! And if you want to switch things up, our Recipe Development Team recommends that instead of brushing the exposed dough with olive oil, brush with the remaining tomato liquid and oil after roasting tomatoes. Our Almond Pulp Galette with Tomatoes is good for the planet and good for you as well. Enjoy!


Vegan Aquafaba Butter


Wondering what exactly aquafaba is? In simplest terms, it is the remaining liquid/water in chickpea cans which is often discarded. However, we have a tasty way to put those discards to use.

For our plant-based friends out there, you can turn that aquafaba into Vegan Aquafaba Butter! It only requires twenty minutes of preparation and is a great plant-based alternative.


Banana Peel Pulled Pork


Another delicious plant-based substitute is our Banana Peel "Pulled Pork." It is super quick and simple to prepare and comes out delicious every time. Our recipe team recommends scraping off the soft flesh on the inside of the peel with a spoon and running a fork down the length of the peels to make strips for the "pulled pork." Then cut into two-inch pieces!

If you want to take this meal to the next level, serve with a side of coleslaw and steamed or grilled corn.


Veggie Pulp Crackers


Picture this: preparing a delicious smoothie and using the leftover pulp to make some delicious Veggie Pulp Crackers! You can easily search Cookidoo® for some juice inspiration or check out our collection, "Jump Start Juices," on Cookidoo®. Make sure once the crackers are finished, they are stored at room temperature in an airtight container for two to three days. Happy juicing!


Aquafaba Meringue Star Cookies


Last but certainly not least, dessert! These Aquafaba Meringue Star Cookies are easy to prepare, delicious, and a great way to use that leftover aquafaba! They will last up to two weeks when stored at room temperature in an airtight container, so be sure to make enough to last!

And if you want to put your own variation of this recipe, add a food coloring gel to your desired color in the last minute of whipping the meringue mixture.


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Join us in becoming more sustainable...and creating delicious food! And if you don't have a Thermomix® (yet), don't worry. You can still utilize your food discards and get inspired by these amazing, no-waste recipes. And make sure to book a free Cooking Experience with a Thermomix Independent Consultant to learn more!

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