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Earn your TM6® with TM4U

With TM4U you can earn your Thermomix® at a discounted price or no cost at all by sharing and selling at least 4 units in your first 90 days. The more you sell the less you pay!

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Rewards and Recognition

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I have been blessed through my journey - everyday is a gift. When your friends and family believe in you and support you all the way, you start creating a trust with your customers and they become friends for life. There’s no better way to describe my journey with Thermomix.

Brigitte B.
Atlantic Southeast

Truly a "win-win" in every sense – both in terms of work and in getting to know and share with so many amazing people in this Thermomix family!

May B.

It's been a fantastic ride for over 22 years, where I have fallen in love with cooking and baking and felt the magic every day. That WOW feeling is always there, kind of like opening a Birthday present every day, I am always in awe. I love variety, experimenting and learning new things. The flavors and textures you create are a foodies paradise.

Vanessa M.

When I joined Thermomix I was a TM5 owner for 2 years and only wanted to get the return on my investment. I quickly realized Thermomix was giving me more than my investment, instead it was an opportunity to step into a leadership role and help develop a workforce of sales consultants.

Mili S.

My journey with Thermomix was full of nice surprises, from the earned Thermomix to Club 500 achievement; from the first recruit to building the top team in North America; from the first Thermomix trip to earning the VIAN trip; and the list goes on.

Jie Qu

I joined Thermomix during the pandemic in March of 2020 looking to earn my own TM6. I wanted to have more inspiration in the kitchen for our day to day meals and Thermomix gave me that and so much more, so even after earning several TM6s, I am still here looking to grow and learn from this community.

Armida F.

Thermomix® always comes up with new features and updates. I feel blessed to have made the decision to join this company and to have earned multiple Thermomix for free. I enjoy traveling to nice places, creating good memories. Get ready for lots of incentives and to enjoy cooking even more by joining Thermomix.

Amal J.
Central Southeast

My journey with Thermomix started as a curiosity to explore a new opportunity that presented itself and I ended up falling in love with it while dedicating all my efforts to succeed in it.

Meryem M.
Atlantic Southeast

I used to dread cooking and meal planning. Thermomix changed everything and brought joy and pleasure back to our kitchen. I found sharing my Thermomix experience with people feels good and leaves me hungry for more.

Cathy Y.


To become an Independent Consultant, you must: (i) be an individual (and not a business entity) that is 18 years of age or older; (ii) be authorized to work in the U.S.; (iii) register through our registration portal; (iv) have and provide your Social Security Number and banking information during the registration process; (v) agree to the terms of our Independent Consultant Agreement during the registration process; (vi) purchase a Welcome Kit, if required during registration; and (vii) already own or have previously purchased or be registered to earn the current U.S. Thermomix® model, along with all accessories.

No, with the Thermomix, you have all the culinary experience you need at your fingertips, and you will be supported by a Team Leader and a Branch Manager to learn all the tips and tricks along the way.

Thermomix provides all of its Independent Consultants with product training and techniques to effectively demonstrate the Thermomix, as well as robust online resources (marketing assets and shareables) and, the constant support and guidance of their Team Leader and Branch Manager. 

More importantly, Thermomix provides access to a passionate community of other Independent Consultants, with a weekly opportunity to gather, share and learn from each other during Monday Meetups.

As an Independent Consultant, you are your own boss. You set your own schedule.

An Independent Consultant shares their passion for the Thermomix with their friends and family, through Thermomix demonstrations: Cooking Demos and Welcome Services. In addition to promoting the use of the Thermomix, an Independent Consultant offers personalized support, recommendations, and cooking tips to their customers on the use and benefits of the Thermomix, while at all times managing their independent business and earning commissions and rewards along the way.

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