Thermomix® Care

Thermomix® has partnered with Extend

The rundown


Product Replacement

If your Thermomix® TM6® stops working, Extend will replace it for free!


Malfunction Protection

When regular use of your Thermomix® TM6® over time results in mechanical or electrical failure.


Power Surge

When disaster or phenomena beyond your control leave your Thermomix® TM6® in bad shape.


Zero Deductible

No fees. No deductibles. No hidden costs when you replace your Thermomix® TM6®.


Peace of Mind

Use your Thermomix® TM6® freely and without worry. You are covered!


Customer Focused Support

Extend is always happy to help, and available 24/7.


Coverage Extension

*This plan begins as soon as the manufacturer's limited warranty expires, and lasts for another number of years you select (1 yr, 2yr, or 3yr).



Use your Thermomix® TM6® and know that we believe getting a replacement should be seamless and easy.

Any plan you select excludes coverage for damage caused by accidents.

Thermomix® + Extend

Why should I add Extend protection?

Forget the frustrating logistics of outdated extended warranty providers. Extend has your back. Pay one flat rate at checkout and Extend will work directly with us to get your Thermomix® TM6® replaced quickly should something bad happen to it. No strings, no catches - everyone wins.

What does your Thermomix® Manufacturer's Limited Warranty cover?

See limited warranty details

What does the Extend Plan offer?

So what happens when things go wrong?


Protection plans are a great way for consumers to protect themselves from getting stuck with expensive repairs or replacement of their most valued items.
Product protection plans, also referred to as extended warranties, extended service contracts, provide consumers with coverage beyond any manufacturer's warranty.

Extend works with a network of top-rated insurance companies to underwrite the protection plans we offer.

You return your product, the merchant returns the money you paid for the protection plan. It's a no-brainer. Depending on how much time has passed since your purchase, you will receive a pro-rated refund.