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Thermomix® TM6®

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28 Cooking Functions

Thermomix® TM6® offers 28 functions: chop, blend, steam, knead, sauté, grind, whisk, sous-vide, slow-cook, and more.


Powerful Mixing Blade

The 10-speed mixing blade ensures precise blending, from gentle stirring to the high-powered turbo mode mixing.


Wifi Connectivity

Wi-Fi connectivity enables over the air software updates and real-time access to 80K+ guided cooking recipes.


6.8” WideTouch Screen

The 6.8” wide touch screen enables user-friendly navigation and full-color access to Cookidoo® guided cooking steps and video tutorials.

What's included with the Thermomix® TM6®


The spatula is a multifunctional tool used for mixing, scraping, and transferring ingredients during cooking and baking.

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Butterfly Whisk

The butterfly whisk gently mixes and whips ingredients, ideal for achieving airy textures in delicate recipes like mousses and creams.

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Measuring Cup

The measuring cup prevents spills during cooking and blending processes.

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Varoma is a steaming attachment in Thermomix, allowing simultaneous cooking of healthy dishes while retaining flavors and nutrients.

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Splash Guard

The splash guard for Thermomix prevents spills and splatters, ensuring a clean cooking area while using functions like High Heat mode.

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Simmering Basket

The simmering basket is the Thermomix® accessory used for steaming, straining, and cooking ingredients with ease. When paired with the Varoma you're able to harness multi-level cooking.

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Mixing Bowl

The Mixing Bowl is the center piece of the Thermomix. Boasting a 2.1L capacity, it is ideal for preparing wholesome homemade meals to serve your family.

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The Thermomix® digital recipe platform and corresponding app integrated seamlessly into the TM6®, offering 80K+ guided cooking recipes and meal planning tools.

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