Meet Our Independent Consultants: Cookie Exchange 2 Edition

Grab your Thermomix and get ready to start baking! We received so many amazing recipe submissions from our talented Thermomix® Independent Consultants, we had to create a second collection, "Consultant Favorites - Cookie Exchange 2." We are thrilled to share the stories behind their delicious cookie recipes and learn more about these creative consultants.  The collection is launching exclusively on Cookidoo® so be sure to check it out and share your creations with us!

Enrica Ulivieri - Canestrelli Cookies


"I felt honored and very happy when I found out my Canestrelli recipe made it to Cookidoo. I particularly love this recipe and I hope many Thermomix families will try it."⁠

Meet Enrica, a California-based Thermomix Independent Consultant since 2016. Her Canestrelli Cookie recipe is inspired by her childhood in Italy, as this cookie is a true delicacy from the Italian region of Liguria. Growing up, she shares she had the pleasure to learn and appreciate food from a very young age. She loves to cook and share her knowledge with family and friends and with Thermomix, she is easily able to do that! ⁠

Her tip on making these cookies extra delicious is to keep the dough in the fridge for up to 24 hours. "It will be cold and might crumble when you start working it but will quickly become nice and smooth as it warms up. Then add a pinch of passion and be prepared to be surprised. The Canestrelli will melt in your mouth like nothing you have tried before."


Louise Desmarais - Coconut Snowball Cookies


Meet Louise, a Thermomix Independent Consultant since 2015, based in Québec. She has been using the Thermomix since 2010 but has been cooking since she was a young teenager. Her recipe collection is quite impressive and she is always looking for new ways to cook certain food and expand her recipe ideas. She is proud to share this tasty recipe for Coconut Snowballs with everyone - it is certainly delicious! ⁠

"I am a true foodie and enjoy cooking for my friends, neighbors and family - especially with my Thermomix," says Louise. "I love to explore new cuisines and my recipe for Coconut Snowball Cookies is a special recipe from my childhood - I am so excited to share it with the community!" ⁠

Her tip for making the perfect cookies is to use a small 3-ounce scooper to pre-mold and portion the balls before rolling them in your hands and dipping them in egg white wash then coconut. "The size is perfect for a one-bite cookies!"


Vanessa Musi - Biscoff Oatmeal Cookies


“It’s my go-to ‘wow’ cookie for the Holidays,” says Vanessa of her Biscoff Oatmeal Cookies. “It took me years to adapt this recipe and create this chewy texture and I am sure these will become your go-to oatmeal cookie recipe.”

Meet Vanessa, based in Texas, she has been a part of the Independent Consultant community for the last three years after falling in love with the Thermomix - all the way back to the TM31! She is a classically trained Pastry Chef and has been baking professionally since 1994. A diagnosis of Hypoglycemia and Prediabetes motivated her to change the way she bakes with ingredients that are healthier - while being just as delicious. ⁠

“I recommend using the best quality ingredients for her recipe such as European style butter, spelt flour, and the best vanilla you can get your hands on. Chilling the dough helps the cookies retain their shape, especially baking at high altitude, so if you want a thicker cookie: chill your dough or form balls, then press lightly on a baking tray with a Silicon mat. Don’t over bake! These cookies must be chewy inside, crisp on the outside.” There you go - now you can bake the perfect Biscoff Oatmeal Cookies. ⁠


Cec Sparrow - Cherry Nut Shortbread


Meet Cec, a Thermomix Independent Consultant based in Alberta. She was thrilled and honored to find out that her recipe for Cherry Nut Shortbread had made the collection. She wanted to create the perfect Christmas cookie that everyone would love - and with the help of her Thermomix she was easily able to do so. She has been using her Thermomix for three years and feels incredibly lucky to share her passion for cooking as an Independent Consultant. ⁠

"I grew up with Christmas cookies and shortbread, but when I started my own family it was important to add my own Christmas treats to the family to make the season extra special," says Cec. "I am so happy to share this recipe for Cherry Nut Shortbread on Cookidoo so that everyone can all over the world can access it, even my daughter in Australia!" ⁠
Cec's recipe is quick and easy, and perfect for a tasty Christmas dessert platter! Her special tip to make these cookies extra delicious is to "toast your nuts of choice for a richer nuttier flavor." Enjoy!


Kristianne Hannemann - Candy Cane Cookies

"I am speechless! It means so much to me to share my passion for cooking and baking with the world through my recipe for Candy Cane Cookies and I am thankful every day that I am able to do that through my Thermomix," says Kristianne. "It is an incredible feeling to be able to connect with so many people around the world, who share the same love for cooking."

Meet Kristianne, a Thermomix Independent Consultant since April of this year, based in California. Her recipe was inspired from the special memories she created growing up baking Christmas cookies with her family. "I am very excited that other people will be making memories in their kitchens while making my recipe, the same that I have growing up baking cookies with my mom."

"For my recipe, the dough can be slightly sticky, so it is important to flour your hands and work with as much flour as needed when forming the dough ropes that will twisted together to form the candy canes. It is also helpful to use a spatula to scrape the dough down the sides of the mixing bowl after the first mix, and mix another time to ensure all ingredients are mixed well before forming the candy canes. Enjoy!"


Paula Zubieta - Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies


“It feels great to know my Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe will go global this time of the year and that many people will be able to try it and share it with the ones they love most.”

Meet Paula, a Thermomix Independent Consultant from Florida who has been with the company for the last two years. She is originally from Spain and grew up with Thermomix so she feels lucky to be a part of the community and help families find the Thermomix solution and focus on what they value most.

Her recipe was inspired from her childhood and her love for mint and was excited to take this opportunity to create the perfect Christmas cookie - and it truly is! ⁠She suggests using peppermint essential oil because it gives a more natural flavor to it. And on the healthy side, she advises to try using monk fruit instead of sugar - "it allows us to have an extra cookie or two without feeling guilty!” ⁠


Jocelyn Bérubé - Mes sablés


Meet Jocelyn, a Thermomix Independent Consultant since 2016, based in Québec. He wanted to share his recipe for Mes sablés because the cookies are delicious and make for a great gift while being easy to prepare. "Anyone is able to prepare this recipe with the help of Thermomix!"

"It is a great honor for me to share my recipe with the Thermomix community. I am a retired pastry teacher and I really enjoy sharing my passion for pastries," says Jocelyn. "Knowing that these small shortbread cookies I created in a Québec pastry shop will now easily be made by people around the world fills me with happiness."⁠
Jocelyn's advice for the recipe is to make a crumbly dough, which is very simple with a Thermomix. "Grind the sugar, add the cold butter and finish with the dry ingredients. No matter what type of dough you have, you only have to work to a minimum for maximum success."⁠


Luce Parent - Candied Fruit Cookies


“Enjoying sweet Candied Fruit Treats is a holiday classic! Every year, I prepare Candied Fruit Cookies and this time around I’ve adapted my recipe for Thermomix. It turns out so much easier to make by using my TM6, less steps and less dishes to clean.

Meet Luce, an Independent Consultant who joined the community this past summer. ⁠She first purchased her Thermomix 12 years ago after realizing she needed some help in the kitchen. "Thermomix is a fantastic indispensable kitchen companion to prepare different has made my life better!" Thanks to her TM6, she prepares everything at home. She credits Thermomix for helping her family and friends enjoy healthier meals and eat better!⁠

Her tip for making these cookies extra tasty, "I take the melted chocolate from the TM6 bowl and apply it onto the treat with a brush. Then, it’s time to decorate your treats with holiday sweets. Finally, you can use the melted chocolate leftovers to make hot or cold cocoa, simply adding milk." ⁠


Anna Finazzi - Baca di dama


Meet Anna, a Thermomix Independent Consultant since 2019, based in North Carolina. She bought her first Thermomix in 2016 and has loved it ever since. Since joining the community, she has been able to connect with people all over the United States who share the same passion for cooking and baking.

“I chose to submit this recipe for Baci di dama because it is delicious and reminds me of Christmas Holidays,” says Anna. This Italian-inspired recipe is both incredibly delicious and easy to make with the use of your Thermomix. She hopes you love her delicious cookies just as much as she does! ⁠



Annalisa Del Grosso - Delizie al Limone


“This recipe is inspired by the sweet and powerfully aromatic Amalfi lemons. In this region we have a pastry called Delizie al Limone (Lemon Delight) made with sponge cake and lemon cream. I wanted to create a cookie that incorporated all of those flavors."

Meet Annalisa, a Thermomix Independent Consultant since 2017, based in New York. ⁠She transformed a version of an Italian regional pastry into a cookie that is both crumbly and slightly sweet with the taste and aroma of lemon in every single bit. In every bite it is reminiscent of her childhood in Italy along the Amalfi Coast.

She has been using the Thermomix for 25 years, all the way back to the TM21 to today’s TM6. The Thermomix helped her create her ideal Christmas cookie she had envisioned.⁠ She advises to place the shaped cookie dough in the freezer with a sheet of parchment paper for 15 minutes then put them immediately in the oven at 380F and bake for 15 minutes. You will want to be sure that the cookie is puffed up and cracks are formed on top. If not bake for five more minutes - voila!


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