Meet Our Independent Consultants: Cookie Exchange Edition

Preheat your ovens and get ready to spread some holiday cheer! Our incredibly creative Thermomix® Independent Consultants from all over the United States and Canada have submitted their favorite cookie recipes right in time for the festive baking season. After reviewing all of the submissions, our team narrowed it down to ten final recipes. Not only are we pleased to share these treats with you but we are thrilled to introduce you to the consultants behind the featured recipes. Get to know them a bit better and learn about the inspiration behind each cookie featured in our new collection, "Consultant Favorites - Cookie Exchange," exclusively on Cookidoo®.


Maureen Jaeckel - Sea Salt Caramel Cookies


“Every year I try to find something outstanding for my cookies and there was no recipe on the US Cookidoo for fondant with marshmallow so I wanted to create something that involved it. This Sea Salt Caramel Cookie recipe is so special to me because of its uniqueness.” ⁠

Meet Maureen, a Thermomix Independent Consultant from New York, who has been with the company since 2017. ⁠She developed a love for baking in her early childhood. While her creations are always shared among friends and family, they are especially a hit within the musical community! She made her cookie debut at the New York Philharmonic over a decade ago with a batch of 6,000 cookies and has also been making limited-edition cookies for the Chelsea Music Festival since 2011.

Her tip for creating the marshmallow fondant for her cookies is to "rub a little oil on the plastic wrap and on your fingers before rolling out so the fondant will not stick. You can make the fondant ahead of time and keep it up to 4 weeks, as long as it is wrapped in saran wrap and in a closed container. The cookie dough can be kept in the fridge for 1 day. I also used the Thermomix  Cookie Stamps for the design on my fondant, they turned out great!"

With the help of Thermomix since 2009, she says it has been a “mere joy to create these cookies within a blink.”


Carole Bilodeau - Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies


"I bought my first Thermomix 12 years ago. It forever changed my life and I love it so much. It was great for making my Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies this year."

Meet Carole, she has been an Independent Consultant since 2012 and is based in Québec. Her recipe is for "Biscuits Au Pain D'épices et Cacao" or translated in English which means, "Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies." They are the perfect holiday treat and turn out extra festive (and extra delicious, too) when topped with some icing. It is a fairly simple recipe when using the Thermomix, so you'll have no problem baking these for family and friends this holiday season. ⁠

"In 2012, I decided to become an Independent Consultant. It was fun and I loved to meet new people and help them eat better and save both time and money. The part-time job quickly became a full-time business and I decided to develop the Thermomix market here and eventually I became a Team Leader. With the help of a team of consultants, we could work all together to continue helping more people eat better and save time, and money! We share the fun and change more people's lives!"⁠


Armida Finser - Cranberry Almond Cookies


“Being chosen to be a part of the cookie collection is very exciting and rewarding because, I have to admit, I put a lot of time into my Thermomix business."

Meet Armida, a Thermomix Independent Consultant based in Texas, who joined in April of this year. Her recipe for Cranberry Almond Cookies is extra special as it was passed down from her mother. For years she has been making them around the holidays for her family and friends and now will be able to share this recipe with the entire world.

While tailoring the recipe for the Thermomix, she discovered she could finally create her own powdered sugar for the cookies using the TM6."Being able to make my own powdered sugar for my Cranberry Almond Cookies in my Thermomix has allowed me to be more efficient when baking them - which means, being able to make more cookies for family and friends to enjoy during the holidays," says Armida.⁠


Gabriela Boscolo - Guava Paste Cookies


“My Guava Paste Cookies are a Brazilian inspired recipe. My special tip is to purchase Guava paste from a local Latina market if you have one - it is more authentic than a paste at a regular grocery store. It will make the cookies come out even better!"⁠

Meet Gabriela, a Thermomix Independent Consultant from Pennsylvania, who has been with the company a little over a year now. She is originally from Brazil, which is what inspired her to share this delicious recipe with the world. She is a mom of two kids and loves to prepare different and healthy recipes all of the time for her family, which is made possible with the Thermomix.

"I am happy to be a Thermomix Independent Consultant, I am going at a slower pace but I have sold the product to people who are very happy with it and I am very honored to be a part of this family and change lives.” ⁠


Dorottya Schwender Loubani - Gerbeaud Cakes


"There is no trick to this recipe. Just adding your passion will make it delicious," says Dorottya, of her Hungarian-inspired Gerbeaud Cakes.

⁠Meet Dorottya, she has been a happy Thermomix customer for years and wanted to expand her passion for the company by becoming a Florida-based Independent Consultant two years ago. Her cookie recipe is from her native country of Hungary, which is known for their culinary tradition. With the help of her team leader, Alexandra, she has been able to hit milestones and accomplish a lot within the company. She has won several trips and also has become a leader within her community. ⁠

“I felt fantastic and was super happy when I heard I had made the collection. I sent in two recipes and I was thrilled when one of them made it."


Lauriane Laforge - Gluten Free Chocolate Orange Cookies


"Thermomix allows me to offer great delicious home-made dishes to my family and friends, while saving me time to do my professional activities and hobbies. The TM6 helped simplify my recipe for Gluten-Free Chocolate Orange Cookies."

Meet Lauriane, she has been a Thermomix user for the last four years and joined the Independent Consultant community in Québec two years ago. She comes from a family of restaurateurs, so cooking homemade dishes for her family and friends is very important to her. Using the Thermomix, there is no doubt her delicious cookies won't come out perfectly each time. ⁠


Heike Gibson - Spitzbuben (Jam Cookies)


“I was so surprised and happy when I found out my Spitzbuben recipe was chosen for the cookie collection. As soon as I saw the announcement, I shared it with all of my friends and customers.”⁠

Meet Heike, she has owned a Thermomix for four years and joined as an Independent Consultant in Massachusetts two years ago. During a visit back to her home country of Germany, a friend introduced her to Thermomix and she has been cooking and baking with it ever since.

What makes her recipe so special is that it was passed down from her aunt in Germany, who was an accomplished baker. It was found in one of the Holiday Cookie brochures she inherited and has been among her favorites for many years. If you are curious what the English translation is for “Spitzbuben” it means “Rascals," so no doubt these cookies must be fun. Enjoy!


Winnie Hong - Matcha Wreath Cookies


"I have passion for making and sharing good food. I can't wait to share it with Thermomix users all around the world. I hope everyone can enjoy these Matcha Wreath Cookies and have great time with their families this holiday season."

Meet Winnie, a Thermomix Independent Consultant since August of this year. She is based in British Colombia. Her recipe was inspired by one of her favorite butter cookie recipes she had learned in pastry school many years ago. When she thinks of Christmas, she sees a picture full of red, white, and green, so she wanted to make sure to incorporate this color scheme into her cookies. Luckily, it was pretty simple to do so with the help of her TM6 and all of the various functions it provides.

"My tip for making these cookies extra delicious is to use better quality matcha powder so you get a nice green color. You can also add a little food coloring as desired. Make sure to keep the mixing bowl dry and clean to melt the chocolate and sieve some icing sugar on cookies to get a snowy look."⁠


Ragan Rodgers - Gooey Hot Chocolate Cookies


"After I found out my Gooey Hot Chocolate Cookie recipe was selected, I felt even more inspired to be able to share my recipes with other people since I am so inspired by everyone else. It really brings everything full-circle in the Thermomix community and shows us how connected we really all are."

Meet Ragan, based in Alberta, she has been a Thermomix customer for over a decade and has spent the last six years sharing her passion as an Independent Consultant for the company. Her cookies were a combination of two delicious recipes she made in previous years from cookie exchanges she had with her friends and family.

"One of the greatest perks for myself as an Independent Consultant is the community behind me. It is a perk in itself. Additionally, the accolades that go along with being a consultant for Thermomix truly stand out."


Pamela Wnuck - Sugar & Spice


"My heart just leaped when I found out my Sugar and Spice Cookie recipe submission had been chosen and it was going “GLOBAL”, and then, I started dancing!"

Meet Pamela, a three-year Thermomix Independent Consultant, from California. Her delicious Sugar & Spice cookies were inspired from a recipe that was passed down from her mother. Growing up, she would bake them every year over the holidays with her and believes that so many life-long memories are made in the kitchen. "When I read about the cookie contest in an instant, happy thoughts of our time baking together rushed through my head and I knew I had to enter them."⁠
"Having a Thermomix to make these cookies takes less than 10 minutes to mix up and only takes one bowl. There was nothing special that I needed to adjust to create this recipe in my Thermomix. Seriously, my Thermomix is my best kitchen buddy!"


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