Relive your year in cooking with Cookidoo® Plated!

Have you ever wondered what your most cooked Cookidoo® recipe is? In a recent poll on the @ThermomixUSA Instagram, 97% of our community voted a resounding YES!

With the launch of Cookidoo® Plated today, you can finally find out.

Cookidoo® Plated is a tasty review of what you made with your Thermomix last year. The only thing better than sharing a meal around the table is sharing your food milestones with family and friends. That’s why we created Cookidoo® Plated 2021, an exciting new, mobile-only snapshot of your personal cooking for the year! With Cookidoo® Plated 2021, you can keep track of your Thermomix® cooking journey, discover your family’s favorite recipes, set goals for the upcoming year, and dazzle your online community with how far you’ve come! Best of all, you can post your personalized stats and infographics to social media to show off your achievements using Thermomix®!

If you haven’t already, go login to the Cookidoo app (on Apple and Android) now to discover:

  • The first recipe you cooked in 2021
  • Your busiest cooking month
  • How many guided recipes you cooked throughout the year
  • The number of different ingredients you used
  • Your most cooked recipe!
  • & more!


Top 10 most cooked recipes

From Five Seed Bread, to Orange Bundt Cake, and Tinga de Pollo, our passionate Thermomix community members have been sharing the results of their most cooked recipes in the comments of this post. What is yours? Make sure to share it too! But what was the most cooked recipe nationwide? Southwest Quinoa! Check out the rest of top 10 most cooked recipes – and then cook them yourself! - here.


2021 by the numbers

Chew on this: Americans cooked up more than 2.8 million guided cooking recipes through Cookidoo in 2021 - that’s almost 8,000 recipes cooked daily! And every 10 minutes, a Thermomix user pressed “start cooking” on a Cookidoo recipe in the US.

Was this you? One of our egg-celent users in the US made perfectly boiled eggs using the Egg Mode 318 times! And the community made 9,221 Burgers like this memorable one.

Highly rate: More than 21,737 ratings were given to recipes in the US. To the user who rated 104 recipes – our community thanks you!

Thanks a ton! In total, Americans prepared over 6,357 tons of food. That weighs more than 362,687 Thermomix TM6 devices!