Cake holder

Cake holder

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The Cake Holder is designed to keep your cakes, cupcakes, and puddings cold when you’re on the go! Four freezable gel packs help maintain the freshness of your favorite summer dessert, and the patented locking system makes it easy and hygienic to travel with homemade treats. The collapsible dome will save you space when storing the holder after the goodies are gone!

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The new collapsing dome, allows to save up to 36% of the volume when storing.

Cake Holder consists of:

  • a 2-in-1 “happy hour” /serving tray with patented locking handles
  • a cake tray Ø 32 cm
  • 4 freezable gel packs
  • collapsible dome for convenient storage
  • 2-pc set stackable muffin trays (12+12)

Outer sizes assembled: 40 x 35.5 x 21 cms

Outer sizes disassembled: 40 x 35.5 x 12.5 cms