Celebrate Lunar New Year with Thermomix | Recipe Inspiration

It’s time to celebrate Lunar New Year! Also referred to as Spring Festival, each day is a special celebration leading up to the Lantern Festival. The tradition has been around for thousands of years and each new year starts a new animal’s zodiac sign. This year is the Year of the Ox.

Historically, people born in the Year of the Ox are strong, reliable, fair, conscientious, patient, and inspiring confidence in others. And while it is traditionally a time for large festivities with families and friends to celebrate together, with the unusual circumstances going on, big events will be put on hold. However, it is still a special time and we can celebrate at home the best way we know how: with food. Join us in the celebration!


Lobster Tails with Black Bean Chili Sauce


Did you know that the lobsters in South China are longer and larger, without the claws of the lobsters in North America? They are actually referred to as “dragon shrimp” and symbolize strength. A lobster is also quite popular around Lunar New Year because a cooked lobster that is red represents prosperity. So when you bite into that tasty lobster to celebrate, just know strength and prosperity are coming your way this new year. And if you are interested in watching a demonstration on how to make these, check out our Facebook Live event with Chef Lynette!



Longevity Noodles

Longevity noodles have their name for a reason! The long noodles actually symbolize a long life and breaking a strand is considered unlucky – so eat this dish with caution and don’t break the noodles! They say that the longer the noodle, the bigger the wish for a long life.


Steamed Whole Fish


For Lunar New Year, cooking and eating whole fish is incredibly important. It symbolizes both a good beginning and a good ending to the new year. The head and tail must remain on while cooking and eating for good luck! It is also traditionally served at the end of the meal because the Chinese character for “fish” is pronounced the same way as the character for abundance.



Buddha Jumps Over The Wall

Another popular dish around Lunar New Year is Buddha Jumps Over The Wall, also referred to as Buddha’s Temptation and Happiness and Longevity. So how did this soup get its unique name? It is actually said that a Buddhist monk was tempted by the wonderful aroma of the soup so much that he jumped over a monastery wall for a bowl of the soup, giving up his vegetarian ways. And a traveling poet said the soup was so good that Buddha himself would jump over the wall for a taste – therefore giving the soup its name.


Steamed Red Bean Rice Cake


Chinese rice cakes are one of the more popular Lunar New Year dishes. They are made from pounded rice and have a sticky, chewy texture. They are also referred to as Nian Gao which is a homonym for “higher year” so that each year your family will have a little extra money and good health. A tip from the Thermomix recipe team when making this is to ensure the pan fits in the Varoma and the lid closes properly before steaming.

Celebrate With Us

We want to see how you are celebrating Lunar New Year! Tag us @thermomixusa on Instagram to share your new year’s creations. And if you are interested in how Thermomix can help you celebrate, schedule a virtual cooking experience with one of our expert consultants. Happy Lunar New Year and may this year bring you wellness, good fortune, and happiness!