Thermomix® Slider

Thermomix® Slider

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The original Thermomix® slider, tested by Vorwerk to ensure the best quality and stability, is designed to easily move Thermomix® in your kitchen while you prepare your favorite recipes. Its ergonomic grips ensure an easy handling, while the sliding feet make you move your Thermomix® smoothly.

This sustainable product is made of FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified oak, a very compact wood, resistant to scratches and robust over time. The natural veneered and grained texture gives an elegant and refined look. The board is coated with a protective oil, and wrapped in paper, for a more sustainable approach to packaging. Every Thermomix® Slider is a unique piece, the wood is handcrafted and may present signs of this process, contributing to its natural beauty.

The Thermomix® Slider in not suitable for preparing or cutting food. • Sharp edged objects can damage the surface. • Never clean the Thermomix® Slider directly with water – use a damp cloth every time. • Don’t leave the Thermomix® Slider permanently in water. • Don’t put the Thermomix® Slider in the dishwasher as it can result in deformation or cracks, so cannot be used anymore. • Strongly coloring foods (e.g. beetroot) can discolor the wood of the Thermomix® Slider.

Oak wood

34.5 x 29.5 x 3 cm

Natural wood